New -- Northwoods Risdon Traditional Snowshoes

Designed by experienced northwoods outdoorsman Gus Gustafson and crafted by master dogsled builder Clyde Risdon.  These beautiful traditional shoes are crafted in the old fashioned way - one at a time.  We have combined the look of traditional wood and rawhide shoes with our new poly-lace webbing.  Poly-lace looks like rawhide but is much stronger with less maintenance and lighter weight.  We offer them in four sizes -- 10in. x 56in. Alaskan 260lb. cap. - 9in. x 46in. Alaskan (designed for smaller framed people) 200lb. cap. - 10in. x 46in. Trail 220lb. cap. - 10in. x 36in. Modified 200lb. cap.

12"x60"  $229.95

OJIBWAY  $219.95

10"x56"  $219.95

12"x38"  $219.95

9" or 10"x46"  $199.95

9" or 10"x38"  $199.95

Snowshoe Making Classes!

Save the date for snowshoe Classes this winter!
January 5th and 6th,  2018
January 19th and 20th,  2018
February 2nd and 3rd,  2018
February 16th and 17th,  2018
For more information you can call us or Sleepy Hollow State Park.

New!  Snowshoe Kits - $170.00
Kits come with sanded frames, all lashing locations marked, easy to follow instructions, and all materials (our bindings & tools) except scissors, lighter, and varnish.  You can order any sizes listed at this web-site except the Ojibway. 
(Classes are held infrequently at Sleepy Hollow State Park.  Call 517-651-6217 for dates.) 


A simple design, easy to use. Push your toe in the cup and pull the bunji up over the heal of your boot. Adjust size with the knot on the end. We and others have used this for years. $30.00