Risdon Rigs

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Discontinued Sleds


Nice-looking, good-fitting harnesses made from 1000lb. test nylon webbing. All harnesses are double padded with black polar fleece. Double webbing trail is standard and available in blue or red webbing.

Racing Sizes

Weight – Size – Color
30-35 lbs – Small – Blue
35-40 lbs – Medium – Green
40-50 lbs – Medium/Large – Orange
50-55 lbs – Large – Yellow
55-60 lbs – X-Large – Black

Recreational Sizes

Weight – Size – Color
60-70 lbs – Small – Red and Yellow
70-85 lbs – Medium – Red and Black
85-100 lbs – Medium/Large – Black
100-120 lbs – Large – Black and Blue
120-140 lbs – X-Large – Black and Green

Snow Hooks

Big snow hook with center plate and flat handle. 


Main line made of 3/8 inch poly rope, tugs made of 1/4 inch polyrope, and half inch brass snap tugs. Made in 2 dog sections that loop together. Lead dog section is made for double lead and includes double neck line.